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Step into the world of personalized fashion and textiles with TASH. We seamlessly customize uniforms and workwear with our styling expertise. With extensive experience in textile printing, we know and understand every fabric and printing technique.

Whether it’s elegant embroidery, vibrant screen printing, or versatile transfers, we’ve got it covered.

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At TASH, it’s not just about clothing; it’s also about ultimate comfort and storytelling.

Your corporate image, aligned with your brand, comes to life in every stitch, thread, and print.We recognize that employees are the walking business cards of your company or event.

Dress your team in style and let them embody the power of your brand with beautiful, vibrant, and personalized clothing and/or workwear!

With our roots in the world of style, we are unparalleled in our knowledge of various types of garments and printing techniques. Whatever your preference, we tailor the technical decisions to your specific environment and goals.

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