Private design

Your unique design for your private and special occasion

Whether it’s a dazzling wedding, welcoming new life, or a fun and intimate private event, we bring your ideas and intentions to life with a generous dose of creative flair and a lot of personal attention.

TASH is your one stop designer for your personal and private events.


Designs that perfectly align with who you are.

Sarah is ready to listen, inspire, and guide you through the entire process. She creates and prints unique, contemporary, and stylish designs that perfectly align with who you are, your guidelines, examples, preferences, the season, and the desired atmosphere.

From birth announcements to exclusive invitations, each custom-made design is tailored to your wishes and specifications, ensuring it’s perfect for you.

We specialize in delivering the following design services for personal or private events:


  • Consultancy and brainstorm: Planning an important and festive event? Wondering how to get started? Don’t waste time. Contact Sarah for a brainstorming session.
  • Birth announcements: Design and printing of your own unique birth announcement cards. Exactly as you envision them.
  • Invitations and decorations for events: Attractive invitations for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and other special events. Flowers, banners, lighting, music installations, and other decorations for parties and events.
  • Greeting cards: Personalized greeting cards for various occasions like birthdays, holidays, and year-end celebrations.
  • Personal name and address cards: Stylish personal letter and/or name cards for private use.
  • Family portraits: Professional photography, image corrections, and framing of festive and/or family portraits.


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  • Home decor: Magnificent photo frames and stunning collages and photo wallpaper.
  • Framing of own paintings: Framing your own beautiful creative paintings.
  • Unique gifts and thank-yous: Personalized items, gadgets, and giveaways like mugs, cushions, or blankets with custom designs. The possibilities are endless.
  • Event programs: Design for event programs and schedules.
  • Themed parties: Brainstorming, conceptualization, and design for specific themed parties, including location, decoration, and invitations.
  • Personalized clothing: Customized t-shirts for family events or group gatherings.
  • Invitations for family gatherings: Designs for invitations to family gatherings or association events. Design and update of the family tree.

Your one stop designer for your personal and private events.

TASH makes your intention and message shine so that every significant milestone is forever cherished by everyone as a beautiful memory.

With a keen eye for every detail, tons of creativity, and patient openness and interest, we transform your ideas into an elegant, unique, and vibrant result.

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Ready to take the leap?

Transform your private events into unforgettable experiences with custom designs from TASH. Sarah is here to listen, inspire, and craft unique creations that perfectly reflect your personality and style.

Let’s make your special occasions shine with elegance and creativity!

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